General information about our projects in Germany:


The group: will be international.

Duration: two-three weeks.

The work: will be 20-25 hours per week (Monday till Friday).

Accommodation: will be always in houses with all facilities like sleeping-rooms, kitchen, shower and toilet.

Food: will be prepared on a self catering basis (budget available) – the groups will cook and clean themselve, by daily changing kitchen-teams.

Campleaders: There will be 1-2 campleaders per camp, helping to organise leisure time and excursion as well as keeping the budget. In the language-projects there will be teacher(s) in addition.

Camp language: German / English (see description)

Extra-fee: 160 EUR for those workcamps in Marburg with language-study-part (German).

Insurance: Will be provided (illness, accident, third liability) for the period of the projects. European volunteers have to bring their European Health Card. The insurance does not cover travel to and from the camp.

Info sheets (including travel information): Will be sent to partners approx. 4 weeks before the project is due to start.

Be careful: Most of our projects in Marburg are German-speaking only and basic knowledge of German is needed. Those projects are not for absolute beginners!

The concept of the workcamps is a full-immersion in the German language. During the 2 weeks the volunteers will communicate only in German and receive an effective German language training.



Criteria for taking part in our projects


- have to be 16 years old at least, max. 26 (exceptions for older volunteers are possible).

- We also have three teenager-camps in Marburg this year, 15-17 years old, English

- for our language-projects: have to have already at least basic knowledge of German



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