Conditions for foreign participants interested in projects in Germany



Our workcamps in Germany comply with guidelines for the child and youth plan of the Youth Ministry in Germany. Tourism elements, therefore, are never our priority.


Age and Language

You must be at least 16 years old and not older than 26. To participate you need knowledge of English. This knowledge must be good enough in order to communicate at least on a basic level.
Exception: In our German-speaking projects you have to be able to speak basic German already.



If we have a partnerorganisation in your home-country, we will refer you to that organisation; in that case we cannot accept direct applications.
By signing the application form, you accept our conditions. In case you are younger than 18, one of your parents have to sign in addition. Once we have received your application form, we will confirm your place. Detailed information about the camp and map(s) / photos, helpful links, will be available on the website ( but can also be sent by email or - if necessary - by postal mail.


Rules during project

By applying, every participant is obliged to work for the corresponding project (about 30–35 hours per week) and to contribute to the necessary work in the camp, such as cooking, shopping …
Failure to take part in the work could lead to exclusion from the project by pro international e. V. or its partner organisation. Any expenses arising from exclusion are met by the participant.


Changes about work

Changes to the specific nature of the work can arise and do not release the participant from the obligation to work, providing that there are no unreasonable demands connected with the work.


Costs and Insurance

pro international e. V. meets the costs of accommodation, food, some leisure activities for the group and insurance (health, accident, liability – but not theft), for the duration of the camp. You have to pay travel costs, pocket money and costs, not including insurance yourself and you must contribute to the cost of excursions and other group activities. For volunteers from European Union, please bring your European Health Form (state health insurance form).


Registration Fee

The registration fee is 70 € and must be paid / transferred together with your application. Please note: where possible, send a Euro cheque for 70 € with your application. In cases of transferring money from the bank, please investigate additional bank fees. Sometimes not only your bank will charge you but also the German bank and the fees can amount to 10 €. If we do not receive the total amount of 70 € into our account because of bank fees, your group leader will ask you to pay the remainder on your arrival at the camp.



The fee will not be paid back in case of cancellation after you have received confirmation from pro international e. V. nor in cases of late arrival or early departure. If you cancel not later than 28 days before the beginning of the camp, we will refund 50 %. The day that pro international e. V. receives your cancellation letter will be the date of cancellation.
In the case that pro international e.
V. cancels the camp, the registraton fee will be wholly refunded.